About Us

Since its establishment, ROSCO consistently adopts a modern enterprise management system and a specialized and elite structure of human resources. Our staff all graduated from famous maritime and other institutions domestic and abroad. ROSCO possesses numerous experts and professional technical staff with rich experience in international shipping such as senior engineers, economists, senior captains, chief engineers and maritime lawyers. To return customers and society with maximize extent is the highest mission of ROSCO and it is committed to providing customers with excellent, safe, fast and efficient transportation services. Over the years, relying on the advanced and scientific management system, innovative business ideas, struggling work enthusiasm and dedicated staff team, ROSCO has consolidated a good foundation to growing up healthily and strongly and earned praise and trust from our customers. Under a gradual rebound situation of shipping market, ROSCO will make persistent efforts, braving winds and waves and sailing smoothly, to create greater return for our customers and society.



荣思克远洋运输有限公司自成立以来,始终追求现代化企业管理制度,专业化、精英化的人力资源结构。公司员工均毕业于国内外著名海事院校和其他高等院校,拥有众多具有丰富国际航运管理经验的高级工程师、经济师、资深船长、轮机长、海事律师等行业专家及专业技术管理人员。 荣思克始终以回报客户和社会最大化为使命,致力于为客户提供优质、安全、高效、快捷的运输服务。几年来,依靠先进科学的管理制度,开拓创新的经营理念, 奋力拼搏的工作热情和爱岗敬业的员工队伍,公司夯实了良好的基础,得到了健康茁壮成长,受到了客户的赞扬和信赖。随着航运市场逐渐回暖的大好形势下,荣思克必将再接再厉,乘风破浪,扬帆远航,为客户、为社会创造更大的回报!